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Our Initiatives

Abolishing medical censorship and medical mandates

Patients need to be informed of their rights and be made aware of current legislation that infringes on these rights. State and federal law establishes the rights and responsibilities of both physicians and patients. However, due to the regulatory capture that is now inherent in our government, private stakeholders are now exercising sovereign powers that are unconstitutional. Current and pending vaccine mandates emphasize this new reality, and this over-reach against our citizens cannot be allowed to stand. 

Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine Initiatives:

  • We are opposed to medical censorship and medical mandates as they are a violation of the very fundamental basis of ethical medical practice.

  • We inform physicians of their rights based on current legislation, both on the State and Federal level, which allow their access to providing uncensored and ethical medical care.

  • We provide physicians access to legislation currently in place or being considered that will affect their capacity to treat patients.

  • We will establish a medical defense alliance to help defend the rights of patients and physicians. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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